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Deciding on how to build your own home is difficult. Nevertheless, it is always accompanied by great enthusiasm and hope. We are here to offer the shortest and most reasonable way to have your expectations live up to reality.

We know the cost of every little flaw and we never underestimate anything when we build your home

LOW-ENERGY HOUSES - Our better future

LOW-ENERGY HOUSES - Our better future
Targeting the European market, this platform was developed as a response to the modern challenges connected with the expanding spectrum of passive building technologies, as well as to increase construction standards and customer satisfaction offering short construction process duration, reliable and high-end production implemented in the context of innovative management, excellent organizational and control techniques.

Our low-energy houses merge the traditional construction approach and prefabricated elements. These enable us to be quicker, more precise and flexible in terms of design without restrictions. The methodology is applicable for every design, every seismic zone and provides a sustainable solution for life. Aesthetic and functional architecture, stylish and open to the surrounding environment interior, highly efficient HVAC system and other selectable options create unique comfort and cozy living.

Unique multilayered exterior wall and roof elements, minimizing heat loss, practically “zero” water absorption, energy-efficient heat recovery ventilation system, three-layered 5-star glazing windows and specially engineered lightweight ground screed system are among the key energy features.

The innovative energy-saving system guarantees lean energy consumption, healthy living environment and unconditional comfort. The efficiency of the system can be further improved with the help of a smart building management system (BMS). Thus single, two or three-story buildings can bring up to 70% energy saving.

Smart Investment

In addition to all energy benefits and maintenance advantages, the cost of our technological houses competes with the traditional construction practices and may result in savings of up to 15% depending on project specification. Rational engineering approach, professional implementation, durable materials, strict quality control and low maintenance costs add further value to the product. Therefore, we can safely say that investing today, you earn as soon as tomorrow!



Full engineering service subject to energy efficiency criteria, aesthetic and functional architecture norms, reliable construction principles and customer requirements.


Intelligent building methodology combining traditional monolithic construction and prefabricated structures;
Stable, long lasting and reliable, our houses are built with quality materials;
Prefabricated and composite elements of the structure allow for a unification of most building processes. As a result, site assembling can be completed for extremely short terms.


Stylish and practical interior solutions for all zones;
Wide range of options, aesthetic compositions and quality finishes;
Comfortable and ergonomic furniture suitable for a healthy lifestyle.


It is the final touch that completes the feeling of comfort and harmony. Our exterior solutions affect not only the landscape but they can also shape the house surroundings into amazing sport and relax zones.

Why customers choose us?

We provide: first class building services - high level quality, high-standard design, wide variety of options, smart technologies and innovative material resources, energy efficient products, complete set of building documents, adequate maintenance service;

Our low energy houses support: low carbon emissions, secure air control, eco-friendly approach with minimized environmental impact;

All clients receive our personal approach, professional consulting advice, lump sum contract, short production and assembly deadlines, real-time construction control, chronological record for a clear and transparent construction process.

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Adaptability and advisability

The designed structure is suited and can be adjusted for every residential house project in every seismic zone fully complying with the relevant European design codes. This advantage creates perfect conditions for widespread application of the service.

The final product possesses fully completed MEP systems, integrated in a smart way into constituent elements. All systems are designed and optimized using value engineering technique in order to support minimum energy costs under conditions of maximum comfort, functionality and long-life cycle. The provided intelligent compulsory ventilation ensures a healthy living environment without presence of pollens or pathogenic microorganisms.

We offer supplementary options to be added to the main building modules. We can also finalize construction at different levels of completion in order to meet the customer requirements.

Quicker, Smarter, Greener, Healthier but always Reliable

Energy Efficiency

Saving energy is a recurring topic in modern times. Energy efficiency has proved to be a cost-effective strategy for building economies without necessarily increasing energy consumption.

Each factor matters

Factors as building site location and surroundings must be read correctly by the designers as they are relevant for temperature and illumination regulation. Proper  low-energy  building design, including thermo-insulated walls, roof slabs, energy-efficient windows could reduce the heat loss by more than 50%.