Low-energy houses
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DDB’s low energy houses with their intelligent building technology are as much built on site as they are manufactured. All services and components necessary for project realization, from the concept design and its development through the stages of ground foundation, construction, MEP systems to interior furnishing and landscaping are completely under DDB’s control. This way we can guarantee the quality of solutions, materials, workmanship and building production.
With a focus on energy efficiency, functional design, quality and sustainability, our low-energy houses are ready to meet our customers’ needs and surpass all expectations.

Main features

In every individual design, we proceed from the local land plot conditions, planning indicators, climate and your budget. As customers, you have multiple options to your personal taste and possibilities.
We present to our clients’ attention several sample house options with exceptional opportunities able to meet even the highest requirements.

Working together, we can remodel the functionality of architectural layouts according your taste but keeping the main advantages.

  • Our multilayered composite exterior walls possess perfect value of thermal, acoustic insulations and high fire resistance;
  • The extraordinary house exterior is characterized by a façade system that allows for impressive finishing coatings as natural stones, woods or HPL decors;
  • Thermally isolated roof with outstanding U- value 0.136 W/m2K and several finishing options;
  • Exceptional triple glazing with tempered exterior and laminated interior glass with Ug-0.720 W/m2K and excellent rain soundproofing;
  • Sustainable and durable structure solution applicable to every design code;
  • Elegant interior design collaborated with precisely implemented high-standard wall, roof, floor finishes, exclusive sanitary and lighting fixtures, artistic furniture and durable kitchen appliances;
  • Highly efficient heating system and healthy ventilation approach. Low energy consumption through intelligent heat-pump technology;
  • Wide range of opportunities to support clean natural-energy sources and environmentally friendly technologies;
  • Our smart building management system (BMS) provides opportunities for monitoring and controlling temperatures, humidity, pressure, ventilation, lighting, blinds, etc. in each selected area by programming various operating modes and emergency scenarios.

Our construction deadline is exactly 120 days.

The first 45 days are used for preparatory activities according to a precise timetable providing all necessary resources and elements for the next construction stages. In order to complete the project within the remaining 75 days, in addition to successful preparation, we rely on our experience and expertise in the field, as well as on the strict organization that has been set up. The second construction period was spent on the site for the construction and assembling of the building, including all installations, contracted finishing works and furnishing.

Shortened construction time
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Stable and reliable that's what we strive for. But the reinforced concrete skeleton support structure and unified wall structural elements provide more. Constructive variability provides designer's freedom in search for original, aesthetic and long-lasting solutions meeting all customers requirements.

Composite structure
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Despite being two-sloped our roofs follow the current architectural trends. The northern facade has usually no adjacent eave and therefore the external wall protection is provided by the upper roofing steel sheet liner. In addition to aesthetic vision, the roof has another major advantage - full thermal isolation with outstanding U- value 0.136 W/m2K.

Thermally isolated roof
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Security, warmth and comfort are the leading characteristics of the exterior walls. Our multi-layer wall structure with wool core provides excellent thermal efficiency and good insulation as the whole layers combination reach U-value 0.106 W/m2K and at the same time sound insulation of Rw-72 dB.
The multi-layered walls are fire resistant, termites and rodent resistant and hygienic thanks to their antibacterial coating.
The outside and inside finishes can be custom-made and come in a variety of materials and colours, ensuring an aesthetically-pleasing modern look.

Multi-layered exterior walls
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Motivated by the intention to maintain the high energy efficiency level of the building we rely on the innovative passive house compatible components produced by leading manufacturers. Using aluminum or wooden frame and triple glazing with tempered exterior and laminated interior glass we provide lower than 0.800 W/m2K Uw-value. The excellent insulation characteristics boost the design potential and allow for original design possibilities and increase the contribution of solar energy gains. The intelligent system solutions remove the restrictions. Thus using extra large windows is not only not wasteful but also beneficial in view of solar and environment advantages.

5-star windows
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We achieve low energy annual consumption by using economic heat pump technology, intelligent heat recovery ventilation, excellent thermal insulation and optimized usage of sunlight.
The use of clean natural energy sources and environmentally friendly technologies are our priorities.
Smart building management system creates a spectrum of ways to control the equipment and the environments but also it has a major contribution to energy consumption optimization.

Low energy consumption
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Flexible Design Solutions

Flexible Design Solutions

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Simple, Light, Healthy

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Quick Construction

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Reliable protection

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Sync all Time

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